glycol-electric HEATING:

Standard warmwater/glycol- heating system 7,2 or 12kW / 440V

This system heats up the heating medium pure electrically. Heater, control electric and circulation pump are placed in an INOX housing, or in two separated housings depending on design (Control unit at the back, heater and circulation pump at the side of the tank container). The heating system is regulated by two adjustable temperature controllers, one for preflow of heating circulation, one for controlling product temperature. These System can heat up to 95°C (preflow).

Double- glycol- heating system 19kW / 440V

In contrast to the standard heating system 12kW the double heating system is equipped with two heater elements. Otherwise it is identical in construction. Here also a non separated and a separated solution is possible

Triple- glycol- heating system 32kW / 440V

In contrast to the standard heating system 12kW the triple heating system is equipped with three heater elements.

The new modulare concept of the glycol-electric HEATUNG combined all possible fitting positions.

Electric glycol heating-unit

Auxiliary heaters are interesting for freight forwarders and container warehouses. They make it possible to heat several tank containers with just one heating system. This is also a thermofluid heating system with a glycol heat transfer medium or a glycol/water mixture, which is stored in the system's own tank. The heating capacity of our independent heaters is significantly higher than that of the simple heating systems for tank containers. The compact heating systems, which are housed in an IBC frame, develop a heating capacity of up to 36 kW. Furthermore, we also offer larger independent heaters with higher output. Interesting feature of all independent heaters is our specially developed Flow-Box©. This ensures that only the thermofluid circulated through the steam pockets of the tank container is heated and not the entire tank supply.

The new basic structure of the IBCflex was completely developed on the PC. By working with 3D CAD systems, we are now able to respond optimally to special requirements and implement them in the best possible way.

  • The overtemperature protection is now implemented in SIL2. Optionally also in SIL3.
  • Pressure relief valve with type approval for protection against clogged lines.
  • Improved protection of the environment and the user through integrated housing and covers.
  • Ergonomics, ease of maintenance and protection against accidental contact have been significantly improved.
  • Optionally expandable with a top frame + transport lock for depositing and storing hoses and additional material.
  • Hot-dip galvanized frame for the best possible protection against external influences. (Powder coating or stainless-steel version also possible).
  • Media distributor is fully integrated and covered.
  • Further options such as PLC control and telematics integration are possible.
  • Modbus (RS485) is now integrated as standard. Optional fault messages can be added.
  • The tank design has been optimized so that the system can also be transported with a full tank.

Standard warmwater/glycol- heating system:

Area of use:

The glycol heating developed by us covers the need of approx. 90% of all heating systems for tank containers, as the temperature range of the media being heated is 20 to 90 °C.

The largest part of all tank containers, which have steam heating with more than 6 strands, can be operated with our glycol heating.

The maximum contact temperature of the tank wall to the product can never be higher than the start temperature, which can be set to a maximum of 95 °C.


%water %glycol min. preflow max. preflow
60 40 -25°C 95°C
50 50 -33°C 95°C
40 60 -33°C 95°C
  100 -20°C 120°C

Electric glycol heating-unit: