The new modulare concept of the GLYCOL-ELECTRIC HEATING SYSTEMS (gflex) combines all possible fitting positions.

This heating unit developed by us covers the need of approx. 90% of all heating systems for tank containers, as the temperature range of the media being heated is 20 to 90 °C.

The largest part of all tank containers, which have steam heating with more than 6 strands, can be operated with our glycol heating unit.

The maximum contact temperature of the tank wall to the product can never be higher than the start temperature, which can be set to a maximum of 95 °C.

Standard water/glycol- heating system 12kW (or 7,2kW) at 440V

This system heats up the heat transfer medium electrically. Heater, control-unit and circulation pump are placed in two connected stainless-steel housings, depending on the design these housings can be separated (control-unit at the back-, heater and circulation pump at the side of the tank container). The heating system is regulated by two adjustable temperature controllers, one for preflow of heating circulation, one for controlling product temperature. This system can heat up to 95°C at the preflow (optionally it is possible to heat up to 125°C).

Double water/glycol- heating system 19kW at 440V

In contrast to the standard heating system with 12kW the double heating system is equipped with two heater elements. Otherwise it is identical in construction, there is also a connected and a separated solution possible.

Triple water/glycol- heating system 36kW at 440V

Our newest heating system has 3 individually switchable heating rods which support an electrical power of 36kW at 440V.

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% water % glycol min. preflow max. preflow
60 40 -25°C 95°C
50 50 -33°C 95°C
40 60 -33°C 95°C
  100 -20°C 120°C

Container assembly examples: