The independence from external energy power sources is significant characteristic for the diesel/electric-glycol heating system (dflex). It can work autarkic for many hours, days, weeks or months – depending on the type of system and of the operation mode.

Diesel/electric-glycol heating system with 7,2kW diesel and 12kW electrical heating power

The dflex system is a compact, economical diesel / electric heating system.

Depending on the heating mode and storage tank contents, it is possible to maintain a product temperature independently for up to several weeks.

The built-in diesel burner provides a constant heat output of 7.2 kW. With a special "boost mode" it is even able to provide a thermal output of 9kW.

If a electric power supply is available, the system can also be electrically heated (e.g. to save fuel). The built-in electric heater has a power of 12kW at 440V.

Diesel/electric-glycol heating system with 16kW diesel and 12kW electrical heating power

The dflexHP system is largely identical to the dflex system.

Only the heat output of the diesel burner is higher, it delivers a constant output of 16kW. The built-in electric heating rod is identical to the dflex system.

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Container assembly examples ot the dflex and dflexHP systems: