High-level temperature HEATING

If the temperature range of standard heating (up to 95°C) systems are insufficient, high-level temperature heating systems are the right choice. These systems are working in the temperature range from 95 up to 240°C.

Thermaloil high temperature system

If the heating temperature of the standard systems are insufficient it is possible to use our thermal oil heating systems, which are able to heat up to 240°C. Basically the design is quite similar to the separated standard heating systems, just the individual components are more able to work under pressure according to special regulations because of the higher temperatures.

These Systems are constructed only as separated systems. That means the electrical control unit is build up apart from the heater unit.

General description

The thermaloil heating developed by us works in the temperature area of 0°C until 230°C. The maximum contact temperature of the tank wall to the product can never be higher than the pre-flow temperature, that can be put in on maximum in 230°C.


The electrical thermaloil heating is an open, practically pressure-loose heating system. The heat transfer medium is thermaloil (Fragol ADX10). Heater, pump and monitoring equipment are accomodated in a stainless steel housing.

The electrical control and regulating units are mounted in a supplementary, robust, splash-proof insulator housing.

The expansion tank also is out of stainless steel and holds approximately 80-120 ltr. and is equipped with an oil-level switch.

The main connection is effected via one or two cable(s) H07RN-F 4G4 mm² (10m long) for heavy duty with a CEE-container connector 4x32A,3h (5x32A,6h).Pre- and reverse-flow has DN 25, expansion- and decoct dukt has DN15 flange connections.