After we already have a combined auxiliary heating and cooling system in our range and were able to make our own experiences with it, we decided to also offer a model for mounting on tank containers. We had also received repeated requests from our customers to offer such a system for mobile use on tank containers.

In addition to the combined heating/cooling system based on IBC as a auxiliary system, which we have had in our product range for several years, we are now also able to offer a mobile system for mounting on standard tank containers. The basic functionality remains unchanged, the systems consist of separate heating and cooling units, which guarantee a high degree of efficiency, as well as a superior control unit. The heat carrier here is a mixture of water and glycol.

Target was to built a new cooling system which fits to following new interests:

  • Better / improved maintainability
    • Through the swiveling condenser – for better cleaning and reaching behind lying units/aggregates
    • All units can be switched as been repaired from the front side
    • Exchange the heating element by quick lock
  • Higher stability through a major stiffer housing
  • Construction with frequency controlled compressors* – higher efficiency and control accuracy
  • Completely pressure monitoring system*
  • programmable logic controller (PLC) with intergraded webserver*
  • Handling by WIFI or operating panel*
  • Full integration of a telematics due to current interfaces CAN- or Modbus*
  • By using of a telematics – extreme high itemization of the error messages*
  • By using of a PLC – recipes can be saved or can be written directly in the system via telematics*
  • For preventing stress cracks in the pipe system ultra flexible hoses are used between the components

Temperature ranges from -15°C (optionally also -20°C) to +85°C are possible, limitations and extensions of this range are also possible on customer request.

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