For more than 30 years Friedrich W. Löbbe GmbH is producing heating-, cooling- and hybrid-systems for tank containers, tank trailers and also stationary systems to heat several tank containers.

Depending on the field of application and the product temperature to be achieved - the company offers a wide range of systems.

Following systems are available:

Glycol-electric-heating / fixed installed heating systems - gflex

Glycol-electric-heating / Auxiliary heater - ibcflex

Glycol-electric-heating / ATEX or EEx-Zone approved - gtex

Glycol-diesel/electric-heating - dflex

Glycol-diesel/electric-heating - hybrid (Mains-independent diesel electric heating system)

Silicone-oil-electric-high-temperature-hating - super gflex

Thermaloil-electric-high-temperature-heating - tflex

Glycol-electric-cooling & heating - cflex

Glycol-electril-auxiliary-cooling & heating - ibcflexHC