Customized software solution for your system

The company Friedrich W. Löbbe GmbH develops professional solutions in the field of software development for you. For this purpose, a professional team is ready, that with a lot of experience, your wishes and ideas precisely and efficiently implemented.

Especially with the control programming (PLC, NC programming) we are very familiar. Because a well programmed control is, especially in today’s time, the basic requirement for a (well functioning) plant.

We are very familiar with the parameterization and programming of drive mechanisms, as well as user interface programming.

In addition, our team has a lot of experience in several other areas (e.g. the development of specific processing cycles, measurement and process control instrumentation with Siemens PCS7, database applications, programming in C; C++; Visual Basic and other PC-based systems, WinCC; WINCC flex, Progea, Webfactory, visualization/ HMI/ SCADA …). Independently, our team develops software for all your products and business areas.