Fast and reliable service

Matching our heating and cooling systems, we also offer professional commissioning, maintenance and repair. With our on-site support, we offer fast and reliable assistance. Our highly trained staff can draw on several years of experience in development and production. All of the systems we sell are systems developed in-house by Friedrich W. Löbbe GmbH. We guarantee competent and reliable maintenance and repair of our systems.

If you have experience with our systems, in the repair, maintenance or repair, we offer as an additional service advice and support by phone call, e-mail, remote maintenance or augmented services. This service is much more cost effective and faster as we have no travel costs and are more flexible.

In addition to the maintenance and repair, you can get the original spare parts for our systems from us. You get the spare parts quickly and reliably and in addition they are of the highest quality. Another advantage for you – we put together the appropriate spare parts, for you this is only a small expenditure of time and easy to order.

Contact us for commissioning, maintenance, repair or need of original spare parts we will help you with pleasure and reliably.