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Largest Dutch operator successfully performs endurance test on our hybrid system

The largest Dutch operator has successfully performed an endurance test on our hybrid system.
While the normal operating time of a cycle (self-sufficient transport or storage) is about 10 days, this
test reached a duration of 29 days and the product was successfully maintained at a temperature of

This was possible because the exact day of delivery was known and through our co-installed
telematics system the temperature could be set and regulated. Due to the insulation there was no
need to heat the product for a long time and only shortly before delivery the telematics system
brought the product to the delivery temperature.

Our hybrid system is a highly flexible heating system. Autarkic operation is ensured by a diesel
heating system, while electric heating is possible when connected to the mains. Equipped with a
programmable logic controller (PLC) and a telematics system.