Do you want a transportable or fully integrated system? Do you want to heat or cool? Or maybe both?

At Löbbe, we offer heating and cooling systems to meet your needs. Here is an overview of our systems.
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Löbbe – A company with a long history

At Friedrich W. Löbbe, we have a long history of manufacturing and supplying heating and cooling systems for tank containers. Since our founding over 40 years ago, we have specialized in developing customized solutions for the tank container industry to ensure that your cargo always remains at the optimal temperature.

In the early days of our company, heating and cooling systems for tank containers were relatively new and unexplored. We worked hard to develop innovative solutions to meet our customers’ needs. Over time, we have expanded our offerings and now provide a wide range of heating and cooling systems to meet the needs of our customers in all industries.

In the 1980s, we began developing our first heating systems. Our goal was to ensure that our customers could transport their cargo safely and reliably, even in low temperatures. In the decades that followed, we continuously improved and expanded our systems to meet the ever-changing needs of the industry.

Today, our heating and cooling systems are indispensable to the transportation industry. We take pride in helping to ensure that products reach their destinations safely. We remain consistent in our passion for developing innovative solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers.

Since Löbbe was founded in 1982, we have passed many milestones. Here is an overview of how we have developed the Heating & Cooling Systems division over the years.


Erstmontage eines Steuerungssystems an einem Tankcontainer

First assembly of a control system on a tank container


Die ersten beiden Heizsysteme

First two heating systems


Erstes Heizsystem mit Regler

First controller heating system


Erstes Heizsystem mit Dieselbrenner

First diesel burner heating system


Erstes autarkes Gasbrenner-Heizsystem

First self-sufficient gas burner heating system


Erster Solarcontainer

First solar container


Clip-on autarkes Gas-Heizsystem

Clip-on self-sufficient gas heating system


Erste Thermalöl-Heizung

First thermal oil heating system


Kombinierte Diesel- und Elektroheizung

Combined diesel and electric heating system


Kühlsysteme der ersten Serie

First series cooling systems


Autarkes Dieselsystem

Self-sufficient diesel system


Erste Hybridserie

First hybrid series


Serien von modernen Thermalölsystemen

Series of modern thermal oil systems


Erste gflex Serie

First gflex series


Erste gtexHP Serie

First gtexHP series


Erster Messestand T&L München

First exhibition stand T&L Munich


First gflexLC series

Erste gflexLC Serie


Zweiter Messestand T&L München

Second exhibition stand T&L Munich


gflex mit aflex System

gflex with aflex system


Erstes gflexHP-System

First gflexHP system