gflexLC basic heating system for tank containers

Our system series gflexLC, gflex & gflexHP are pure electric heating systems. All three systems are compatible with almost all tank containers on the market – also for retrofitting. Modular in design, the result of each system is an individual and also maintenance-friendly design with many expansion options.


gflexLC, gflex & gflexHP temper the tank contents indirectly via the outer wall of the container. For this purpose, the circulation pump conveys a heat transfer medium in a closed circuit through the half-pipes, which are normally used for steam heating. The heat transfer medium is a food-hygienically safe glycol-water mixture. The electric heater installed in our system, with one or optionally two heating elements, is part of the closed circuit. All components of the three systems are equally reliable and robust.

In heating mode, the electric heater integrated in the system heats the heating medium. The heating of the heat transfer fluid is carried out according to the principle of a continuous flow heater, thereby the fluid is strictly separated from the customer’s product. The power supply for the system is provided by an industry standard 380-440V CEE plug. Heating is fully automatic. The flow temperature at which the heat transfer medium flows into the container’s pipe circuit can be set with high precision. As a result, even very temperature-sensitive products are protected from loss of quality due to too high contact temperatures.


gflexLC is the most cost-effective version of the system series. In its basic equipment, the gflexLC is limited to a simpler design and to the essential range of functions. The system comes with the least equipment of the three systems, but with some options it can be extended with equipment functions. gflexLC in its standard equipment is equipped with a simple AC pump. Because of this, the outdoor temperature range in which the system operates is limited to -10°C. gflexLC can be operated with a flow temperature of up to 95°C. The gflexLC is also equipped with a simple 2-point controller – with the option to replace it with a controller with data interface for a telematics system.


Here you can download the complete data sheet.

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Mounting option 1

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gflexLC - Example system

gflexLC - Example system