ibcflexSM compact external heating system for tank containers

Our system series ibcflexSM, ibcflex & ibcflexHC are cooling and heating systems specially designed for electric heating and cooling of several tank containers. Thereby ibcflexSM and ibcflex are heating systems only and ibcflexHC is a cooling and optional heating system. This series of systems was designed as external stand-alone systems for multiple tank containers. When used in logistics depots, up to four tank containers can be connected simultaneously with the same supply temperature. Modular in design, the result of each system is an individual and also maintenance-friendly design with many expansion options.


The systems of the ibcflex-series temper the tank contents indirectly via the outer wall of the container. For this purpose, the cooling and heating system is connected via a dry coupling to the half-pipes normally used for steam heating. This creates a closed circuit through which the circulating pump conveys a cooling/heating medium. The cooling/heating medium is a food-hygienically safe glycol-water mixture.

ibcflexSM & ibcflex are pure heating systems and therefore only have the heating mode. In heating mode, the electric heater integrated in the system heats the heating medium. The heating of the heat transfer fluid is carried out according to the principle of a continuous flow heater, whereby this is strictly separated in terms of material from the customer product.

The power supply for the system is provided by one/two industry standard 380-440V CEE plugs.

Cooling and heating is fully automatic. The flow temperature at which the cooling/heating medium flows into the container’s pipe circuit can be set with high precision. This means that even very temperature-sensitive products are protected from quality losses due to contact temperatures that are too high or too low. Depending on the number of tank containers connected, only the volume of the cooling/heating medium actually used is ever heated. Even with a full storage tank, the design remains transportable at all times.


ibcflexSM is the most compact and flexible variant of the ibcflex-series. Although it initially only offers the possibility of heating 2 instead of the usual 4 tank containers at the same time, it is significantly smaller in size and is mounted on heavy-duty rollers, which enable fast transport over short distances. ibcflexSM generally comes with better basic equipment than ibcflex & ibcflexHC. It generally has the new microflexPLC control system, advanced telematics, control and safety functions and much more.


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